Shoplyfter Discount is the Ultimate Steal!

Shoplyfter Discount is the Ultimate Steal!

  • 14 April 2020
  • By Compareology
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Ok, let’s be real: right now, the idea of being able to go shopping again like a normal person, sans gloves, masks, and quasi-martial law, is enough to make us cum in our pants. Never again will we take for granted the ability to browse without trying to stay 6 feet from the other person, cause yeah…so much for “accidentally” bumping into hot babes at the grocery store, these days.

In any case, our Shoplyfter discount and discount to Shoplyfter MYLF cum to you at a time when we’re all feeling the longing for “normal” — and well, what could be more normal, or a sign of the economic times than cute babes with sticky fingers? On both sites, the premise is pretty much the same: girl gets caught, strip searched, and then there’s the slight blackmail of “dropping this whole matter” if she’s willing to suck and fuck–which she always is. They blur out the security guard’s face and label all movies by “Case number,” so the fantasy goes all the way.

The original Shoplyfter was such a hit with fans of bratty teen queens that it was only natural that Shoplyfter MYLF came about to give you the nasty housewife and “bad mommy” version of the same fun. Fair disclosure: Shoplyfter MYLF only launched in March of 2020, so the collection here is small for the time being, but there’s plenty of potential for this MILF site going forward. Neither site offers any bonuses, but you get new pictures and videos every week.

All told, if dramatized reality porn scenarios get you stiff, and you love a hot horny kleptomaniacs who turn into nymphomaniacs when they get caught, hurry and “pocket” your Shoplyfter discount while it lasts!

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